Training and Coaching


The specialist skills of our consultants mean we can offer a wide range of training and coaching solutions, tailored to your exact needs. These include charismatic leadership, management, coaching and mentoring skills, influencing and persuading, project management, time and stress management, business writing, personal development programmes, and tailored one-to-one coaching.



There are personal development programmes specifically for women, such as RenewYou and Charismatic Leadership for Women. We also offer Navigator for Men.


In addition, we offer exclusive, confidential and bespoke one-to-one coaching. Most of us benefit from a little help from time to time to help us overcome challenges, to deepen self-awareness, or because we want to move forward more quickly and effectively than we could do alone. Coaching always has your best interests at heart, is designed around you and your specific needs. You are the expert on your life, so our coaches won’t tell you what to do; instead we work with you to help you to find your answers and the right way forward for you.