Educating and Training Girls – The next chapter for ‘Join My Village’


We are honored to be celebrating five years of Join My Village…. Five years of expanding access to education and training for girls and women as a means to break cycles of extreme poverty, and sustainably strengthen impoverished communities the world over.

Thanks to you and thousands of others who have taken actions in ways large and small, together we’ve been able to positively impact more than 5 million lives in India and Africa since 2009.
So now we’re looking ahead to the next five years – what it will take for Join My Village to continue to flourish so we can empower millions more girls and women to become agents of positive change for their communities.

Beginning today, you’ll notice a change to our website and social media posts. You’ll no longer see messaging that urges “clicks or likes” tied to unlocking donations from sponsors. The reason is quite simple: We want to focus on what truly matters, which is sharing the real life stories of the girls, women, families and communities which are being transformed through the work of Join My Village via our humanitarian partner on the ground, CARE.

What’s more, we are fortunate to have corporate sponsors (our founding sponsor is General Mills; while Merck enabled further expansion, including India) who are committed to providing charitable support to CARE that expands the impact of Join My Village. While your likes, shares and re-tweets are always appreciated and welcomed, our aim is to impact lives and communities in long-term ways – not to amass the largest social following.

join my village

You can expect to continue to see extraordinary field updates from the extended Join My Village team, including Henry’s reports from Malawi, and Sankalpa’s from India, in the form of photos, videos, and posts across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and our website. In the coming weeks and months you can also expect to see more ways to take action around the issues that JMV is focused on.

We are excited about this elevated focus on the outcomes and stories that matter most, and we hope you are too. On behalf of the extended JMV team, our deepest thanks for helping to advance this important work, as we show the world that positive change in impoverished communities is not only possible, but is happening right now.

Author: Nicola Dixon is associate director of General Mills Community Action and the General Mills Foundation.