Who we are

We offer a wide range of courses from Minute Taking to Working Across Cultures to Leadership, as well as personal development courses such as Springboard, Kickstart Your Confidence and Kickstart Your Creativity.  Our courses are interactive, stimulating, challenging and fun and run by subject experts.  We believe that people learn best when they enjoy the experience, engage the senses, and are encouraged and supported to achieve that little bit extra.

And, alongside training, we also offer executive, cross-cultural and life coaching.  Coaching is an extremely effective and powerful form of personal development where the coach and the client form an alliance, collaborating actively together, and enabling much more to be achieved than the client could alone.  The coach brings training, skill, experience, care and support, and complete confidentiality to the alliance, which is results-based and tailored to the client’s needs.

Janet Stevenson

Janet, the founder and owner of Train2Grow, is an experienced consultant, trainer and coach focused on helping people learn and transform the way they work to achieve personal and business goals. Her style is facilitative and participative, using NLP, non-verbal intelligence and brain-friendly techniques. Strengths include creativity, flexibility, a sense of humour and an ability to meet deadlines. She is passionate about personal effectiveness and growth and enjoys working with individuals and teams. Passionate about helping people achieve radical and positive change in their lives.An NLP Master Practitioner, a qualified counsellor and coach, Janet is also certified in Non-Verbal Communication skills applied to Leadership and Management, Influencing, Assertiveness, Confidence Building, Building Positive Relationships, Training and Presentation Skills.  She is a licensed Springboard trainer, certified Creatrix consultant, and also offers team and psychometric profiling using Belbin, Strength Deployment Inventory (SDA) and MiRo Behavioural Mode Assessment.  She is also experienced in cross-cultural training, particularly with the French, speaks French fluently and has delivered training in French.   She is a member of the International Coaching Federation, the European Mentoring and Coaching Council, the British Institute for Learning and Development, the Institute of Leadership and Management, the Corporate Association for Professional Development, the Brain Friendly Learning Group and the Professional Woman Network.Janet has trained thousands of delegates in both the public and private sector, working with people at all levels – chief executives, senior management teams and junior staff. Her style is open, communicative, empathic and friendly; she is a skilled listener and easily engages with people. She creates a stimulating learning environment, where she encourages individuals to participate and think. She believes in making learning fun, relevant and interesting.

She is a contributing author to “How to Break the Glass Ceiling without a Hammer – Career Strategies for Women”, “The Power of a Woman – Embracing the Woman Within” and “Madam CEO – How to Think and Act like an Executive” (see Publications).

Tracy Sinclair

Tracy has over 18 years’ experience in operational and people management, project management and consultancy for leading organisations. She is an established and successful coach, trainer and facilitator working with executives, leaders and managers to support both their professional and personal growth and development.As a corporate coach, Tracy draws upon the depth and breadth of her career, and her own personal life experiences. These have equipped her with an empathy and understanding of the many challenges we are faced with today in our ever-changing and increasingly demanding environment. She firmly believes that we all have the resources to face those challenges and achieve the things we want in work and indeed in life.Her style is incisive, intuitive, thought provoking and compassionate. She creates a space for her clients to think, feel, be and explore, so that they may take charge of their careers and their lives and achieve their full potential in every way.

Tracy is a member of the International Coach Federation (ICF) and has achieved the status of Associate Certified Coach (ACC). She has also trained extensively with Ian McDermott and Jan Elfline; two of the world’s leading experts in the field of coaching and NLP. She has achieved Certified NLP European Coach status and is a Certified Master NLP Practitioner. She also holds an honours degree in Spanish. Tracy has her own coach and commits to her on-going personal and professional development to ensure the quality of her client work is of a high standard.

Carole Legon

Carole has over 20 years’ experience in the field of training, development and coaching working with a range of disciplines and levels within the public and private sector.  She designs in-company courses as well as one-on-one coaching.  She has delivered courses from procedural training to experiential team working.  Carole has a holistic approach drawn from her experience as a clinical hypnotherapist and complementary therapist. As well as soft skills training and personal development work, Carole is a specialist in competency interviewing skills.Her style is empathetic, friendly and creative.  She believes learning should be an enjoyable experience whatever background and age the learner is from.Carole is a member of CIPD, is a certified Master NLP Practitioner, a Reiki Master and Trainer, and a qualified Danamic Coach.

Matt Williams

Matt has enjoyed his extensive experience of motivating teams and individuals to win new business, close deals and exceed targets. He has worked in sales and business development and prior to that was a teacher of 11 – 16 year old pupils with emotional and behavioural difficulties. His teaching experience includes managerial responsibility for pupil behaviour. Matt is enthusiastic about inspiring people to achieve and equipping them with the tools to do so. He designs open and in-company courses, workshops, coaching and one-to-one training.Matt has successfully trained people to sell in the leisure and tourism industry, in the recruitment industry and in the arts. He has also coached individuals to sell financial products.Matt’s style is motivational, encouraging, involving and engaging. Feedback and figures show this has worked very well. His aims when training on sales skills include the notion that trainees leave his sessions firmly believing that they will succeed and equipped with new sales techniques and strategies to help them to do so.

Matt has a joint honours degree in Chemistry and Environmental Science, a Certificate in Recruitment Practice, an NLP Diploma and is an NLP Business Practitioner.

Meena Shah

Meena specialises in Equality and Diversity issues and also offers advice, coaching and training for managers on strategy and operational issues. She has worked in the field of equal opportunities especially on legislative issues for over 13 years.She has worked in Higher Education, Housing, Legal services and as a project manager for an international urban development agency based in the Netherlands for public and private sector investors consulting with and serving decision makers from Government agencies and global corporate organisations.Meena’s style is interactive, inclusive, empathic and sensitive to the needs of others. She creates a safe and friendly learning environment, where delegates feel comfortable to explore issues.

She holds a masters degree in Management Studies and an honours degree in French Studies.

Barbara Gough

Barbara Gough has experience across a broad range of business sectors having worked extensively with both the public and the private sectors as an HR and training specialist.She specialises in HR topics for HR specialists and for line managers In recent years she has designed and delivered training on diversity, employment law, recruitment and selection, harassment and bullying, carrying out investigations, performance management and managing attendance for a broad spectrum of clients. In addition, she has done a great deal of management and team development which she particularly enjoys.Other aspects of her work include interim assignments as an HR consultant, facilitation of groups, coaching and writing. The Employment law Workshop Toolkit was published by CIPD in 2006 and The HRM Toolkit, Best Practice Training for Line Managers was published by Gee in 1999.

Barbara is an experienced trainer with a background in teaching and HR, and has worked in both the public and private sector. She designs course material, delivers courses, facilitates groups, and has written:

  • CIPD 2006 ‘ Employment Law Workshop Toolkit’
  • Gee Publishing 1999 ‘The HRM Toolkit, Best Practice Training for Line Managers’

Barbara is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (FCIPD), holds an honours degree in Education and an MBA.

Hugh Dennis

Hugh is a practising trainer with 18 years’ experience. He developed an innovative skills-based programme for new support workers, which growing housing associations now use regularly. He also established regular training programmes for 350 home carers, 90 care assistants and 40 care managers. He established NVQs within Haringey Council and then, after four years, established a specialist NVQ centre.As an HIV/AIDS Training Officer, he trained 1,150 staff at all levels and disciplines in HIV awareness across the Health Service. In addition, he developed an HIV/AIDS training manual and trained 40 managers to use it.Hugh’s style can be summed up in three E’s:

  • Experience – he has run successful in-house and open training programmes across the country for universities, local authorities, the Civil Service, as well as in the private sector
  • Energy – participants often comment that they find his programmes engaging and sustaining
  • Enthusiasm – he often manages to motivate participants who have previously been passive or stuck

Hugh is a member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (MCIPD) and an NVQ assessor. As a qualified Spanish interpreter with a Jewish background, he brings a global dimension and enjoys working with participants from all cultures. He promotes and delivers the innovative Navigator, a holistic men’s development programme, and is one of the top Navigator trainers in the country, training new Navigator trainers.

Denise Sanderson-Estcourt

Denise Sanderson-Estcourt, FCIPD, has been working in development related roles for over 18 years and currently works as a trainer and coach.  As well as being a HR professional, Denise is a “Colour me Beautiful”* trained personal stylist/image consultant.  Denise combines these two fields by training groups and coaching individuals in areas such as confidence building and preparing for interview.She has been twice nominated for Training Journal’s Learning & Development “Professional of the Year”, and was shortlisted both personally and for a Management development training programme she designed and delivered in 2009.  Denise has worked in a variety of sectors, both not-for-profit and commercial (including retail and publishing) and in a range of roles from HR management and Learning and Development, through to Internal communications and Head of Organisational Development. She has project managed key employee engagement initiatives such as staff surveys, employee review programmes and organisation-wide training needs analysis.She describes herself as passionate, creative, interactive and inclusive; and is regularly described as engaging and inspirational by those she trains.  Denise’s real passion is for personal growth and development to which she has a very holistic approach.  She believes that everyone should be motivated to achieve their potential, and that that potential should be harnessed in the right role and environment.  Denise has delivered events at Board level and mentored several HR professionals in her career.

She has a Degree in Hospitality Management, is an NLP Practioner, is trained to undertake Thomas International Profiles and the Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI)

* Colour me Beautiful are Europe’s leading image consultants.

Gill Hicks

Gill Hicks is a communications specialist, NLP Master Practitioner, Coach and Graduate of Group Dynamics. She also has a background in image consultancy, business development, marketing and start-ups.  She brings her personal passion, enthusiasm and dedication to each situation and each person to ensure rapid results and a marked change in performance.  Her strength lies in creating a supportive environment for people while challenging them to move forward and focus on results.Gill is dedicated to her own continual professional development and continues to pursue her own research into people’s motivation, behaviours and impact.  She is a member of the Association for Coaching and has appeared on TV, radio and in the press.With over 20 years’ experience, Gill offers a straightforward approach with a focus on rapid results.   Her style is non-judgmental, warm and empathetic, and she creates a safe environment for exploring and enabling growth and improvement.